Food Processing Metal Fabrication

Food processing businesses require extremely hygienic, high standard equipment and surfaces for the safety of their customers. This is where our sheet metal fabrication services can help your food processing business.

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Food Processing

At CEL, we specialise in bringing manufacturing processes closer to our clients. We provide precision metal fabrication services for the food processing sector throughout the UK and Europe.

We understand the importance of quality controls and hygiene measures within the food processing industry and, as an ISO 9001 accredited business, take a serious approach to provide high levels of quality and precision. Examples of the equipment we can manufacture include:

- Food manufacturing equipment

- Food packaging machinery

- Food sorting equipment

- Cooking appliances

Our team of specialist welders are able to weld materials as thin as 0.7mm and in excess of 16mm, allowing us to take on complex, bespoke projects and provide the excellent quality of products and levels of service that we pride ourselves on. Plus, our ISO 9001 and internal standards require that we follow processes to avoid contamination of any sort.

I have counted on Contracts Engineering for over 15 years for fabricating my machinery. Their quality, pricing and active communication are second to none. We have never had a quality issue, which is impressive in light of our machines frequently being customised for each of our customers.

The Contracts Engineering Process

As well as our ISO quality standards, we also have our own internal processes for ensuring quality assurance such as our ‘on-time and in-full’ approach, which ensures that we deliver every single project to the best of our ability, on time. Use of advanced and sophisticated technology and systems helps us to achieve our goals for quality control and efficiency, giving our team members complete production management visibility and precise results every time.

We integrate seamlessly into our clients’ existing processes and supply chains to enable us to work closely with our customers and build strong, long-term relationships as a valued supplier.

Food Processing Case Study

Stainless Steel Frameworks

Our customer, a leading provider of food processing machines to factories throughout the UK, specialises in large cheese, vegetable and fruit processing machines. We fabricate between 20 to 30 stainless steel units for them every year.

Quality controls and quality of manufacture are of paramount importance in these food processing machines. A high amount of precision is required, as is working closely with our customer as each machine is manufactured to a slightly different specification. Fabrication includes welding different thicknesses together to a very high quality finish. Across all complete fabrications over the last 15 years we have never had a quality reject.

Read the full case study.

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