Folding & Forming

We offer a complete folding, forming and bending service covering sheet metal, tube, angle and box section materials in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Pressbrakes, Forming & Rolling Machines

Our in-house capabilities are supported by the following machines:

  • Bystronic Xpert 3 metre x 100 ton 8 axis CNC press brake
  • Edward Pearson 3 metre x 100 ton 6 axis CNC press brake
  • 2qty CNC 3-Pin Section Rolling Machines; capable of rolling 6mm stainless steel up to 900mm wide
  • CNC Tube Roller with a large library of tooling and dies
  • Prosaw AKYAPAK ASM 140-12/5 Plate Rolling Machine

We boast a large tool library including both air-bend and bottoming dies which allows us to form complex bends such as corrugations, roll beads and crush folds, as well as standard 90° folds.


Our pressbrakes can fold 3mm mild steel at a 90° angle across a 3 metre length.  Both machines are fully CNC, allowing us to check angles down to 0.5° accuracy.

Our rolling facilities are capable of rolling tube up to 102mm O/D with a 3mm wall, box section that is 70x70mm with a 4mm wall and 86x86x6mm angle.  

Our machines can roll and form plate, round bar, square bar and T-sections as well.

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