General Fabrication & Assembly

We have a full range of smaller machines and hand tools to compliment our larger CNC machines and welding capabilities. We offer mechanical and some electrical assembly services.

Summary of Plant & Tools

Our fabrication and assembly area is equiped with a wide range of smaller machines, hand tools, lifting equipment and packing materials, including:

  • Haeger insertion machine
  • Spot welding machines
  • Drills and NC mill for drilling, tapping, countersinking, milling slots, etc
  • Saws and plasma cutting equipment
  • Polishing and linishing equipment
  • Mobile lifting cranes and hoist with max weight of 1tn
  • Hand tools including rivet guns and grinding equipment

Fully Range of Assembly Capabilities

In addition to our large variety of fabrication plant, we also offer full mechanical and basic eletrical assembly services

We have recently added wood assembly to our suite of offerings, which includes pre-treatment and fitting of FSC wood to metal parts.  This service is offered to our hard landscaping and street furniture customers.

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