About our Robot (Zelda The Welder)

We installed Zelda in June 2020 and haven’t looked back since. She welds across two bays, each equipped with a 180 degree rotating table to give us flexibility when welding complicated or large assemblies.

All of our jigs are designed and manufactured in-house, though we often speak with our system integrator partner for advice and training. Zelda currently only MIG welds mild steel, though in the coming months we will add stainless steel and aluminium to her capabilities.

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How to Benefit from Zelda

We have trained staff across both of our shifts so that Zelda can weld up to 18hrs a day / 5 days a week, excluding overtime. Zelda is perfect for companies that buy-in or already contract out large volumes of repeat welded assemblies.

Teamed with our operators, Zelda is fast enough for us to now compete for contracts that many of our UK-based customers would not have thought a local supplier could tender and win.

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How Zelda is Helping Shape CEL

Zelda is not replacing our fabricators. All of our fabrication team are either training to become robotic welding plant operators, or upskilling so that CEL can move into more advanced MIG and TIG welding for our customers.

We want our team working on our customers’ complicated requirements or low volume work, and we’ll leave the high volume repeat work to Zelda.​

So for us, our first robot has created more career opportunities for the existing team, and in the coming months and years will create new job requirements in other parts of our company.

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