Turret Punch

Our 29 station Turret Punch with FANUC CNC controls can punch steel and aluminium sheets with thicknesses of up to 3mm thick.


Our CNC punch has 29 stations, including 3 stations that can rotate tooling 360°.   We can punch

Mild Steel Up to 4mm
Stainless Steel Up to 3mm
Aluminium Up to 4mm
Brass Up to 2mm





For a thicker gauge material we use our Fibre optic Laser cutter.

We can punch sheets up to 2500mm x 1250mm and have invested in a large tool library, including countersinking tools, forming tools, embossing tools (customer logos), and dimple tools.

Our machine is fast and highly cost effective for high volume parts, perforated panels and parts that require forming or stamping operations.

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