Industries Contracts Engineering works with.

Construction Metal Fabrication

Precision metal manufacturing is used hugely throughout the construction industry, involving a number of tasks from forging to cutting and punching.

Heating & Ventilation Metal Fabrication

Precision sheet metal fabrication can be used extensively in the heating and ventilation sector to create custom-made equipment that perfectly suits your business environment.

Hard Landscaping Metal Fabrication

Through our precision sheet metal fabrication, we help our customers create bespoke hard landscaping designs that fit exactly with their vision.

Street Furniture Metal Fabrication

To create a welcoming and communal space, you may require bespoke street furniture manufactured through specialist metal fabrication.

Industrial Machinery Metal Fabrication

From creating unique parts for industrial machines to manufacturing entire ranges of equipment to your stringent specifications, our precision sheet metal fabrication services for industrial machinery can help.

Food Processing Metal Fabrication

Food processing businesses require extremely hygienic, high standard equipment and surfaces for the safety of their customers. This is where our sheet metal fabrication services can help your food processing business.

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