Here at Contracts Engineering Limited, we operate in a large number of sectors offering sheet metal products and precision-engineered metal products. From unique parts for high-tech machinery to entire projects at the forefront of your industry, we can help. We serve industries including but not limited to:

Construction & Ventilation

Steel and aluminium are regularly used throughout the construction industry.

Hard Landscaping

We manufacture our customers’ products and work closely with them on a project-by-project basis. Our Design and Manufacture service is regularly used by clients in this industry

Light Infrastructure Fabrication

We work closely with our customers on a project-by-project basis when working on Light Infrastructure requirements. They often take advantage of our DESIGN + MANUFACTURE service to turn their initial concept into a final installation

Street Furniture

To create a welcoming and communal space, you may require bespoke street furniture manufactured through specialist metal fabrication.

General Industrial

From creating unique parts for industrial machines to manufacturing entire ranges of equipment to your stringent specifications, our precision sheet metal fabrication services for industrial machinery can help.

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