CEL Welcomes Two Apprentices

Our factory is proud to welcome two new apprentices to our team. The addition of these individuals is a testament to our commitment to providing opportunities for the next generation of skilled workers. Our apprentices come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experiences, knowledge, and perspectives to our workplace. Read More

TB Keynote Speech Summary

Our MD Troy Barratt gave a passionate keynote address to the +200 attendees about the pressing need for the UK to adopt a comprehensive Green Industrial Strategy. With global climate change becoming an ever-growing concern, it’s crucial that we transition to a low-carbon economy to ensure a sustainable future. We… Read More

Ready, Steady … Weld!

Last we week were proud to have our very own Quality & Automation Manager Sean Johnson judge a welding competition for the local school! The aspiring welders showcased their skills and performed exceptionally well and were presented with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Congratulations to all the contestants and… Read More

Industrial Policy we need in the UK

The expression “Where do we go from here?” is usually reserved for poets and country crooners. However, the British government must be asking itself this question when it comes to having an Industrial Strategy. Successive governments have shunned the idea for decades, and instead issued reports that end up in… Read More

Arrival of Our MIG Welding Cobot

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest service offering, our MIG welding cobot. This cutting-edge technology represents a major milestone in our company’s commitment to revitalising the manufacturing industry in the UK, as well as scaling Contracts Engineering Limited (“CEL”). The MIG welding cobot is a collaborative… Read More

Future Manufacturing: Re-Industrialisation

Our MD Troy Barratt made his Sky TV debut on Sunday! With challenges presenting themselves in the supply chain, environmental agenda and personnel recruitment and training, he spoke about how innovative technology is proving to be a key asset in Contracts success. You can watch… Read More

Troy Barratt at the Inaugural InterAct Annual Conference 2022

We had a great time at the inaugural InterAct Annual Conference on the 3rd of October. Our MD Troy was part of a huge range of amazing speakers to share their actionable insights on ‘Creating the digital manufacturing future we want to see’. Troy and the other guest speakers shared… Read More

MD Troy Barratt Speaks at MTC’s Robotics and Automation Expo

MD Troy Barratt recently attended the Manufacturing Technology Centres (MTC) annual Robotics and Automation Expo to speak on the Reshoring & Automation panel. It was an interesting discussion on the trends that will continue to support reshoring and reindustrialization! Big thanks to MTC and to Mike Wilson, head of Automation… Read More

Out With the Old and in With the New for Our Pressbrake

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our fantastic new 200tn 8 axis CNC pressbrake from our partners at Bystronic UK. It doubles our pressing tonnage and later this year we will begin automating some of the volume folding we do for our clients…stay tuned! We also say goodbye… Read More

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