We are very pleased to announce that we are moving into a BIGGER and BETTER factory in January 2019.  

Our moving is the culmination of well over a year searching for the right location and a huge amount of effort from many of the staff at CEL to support the search and planning.  We have put a lot of effort into minimising disruption during the move and we will have significantly increased capacity from February 2019.  Here are some key statistics on the new factory:

  • More than 13,000ft² open plan footprint for manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and storage; +50% increase

  • Just over 3,000ft² of offices and a staff canteen; everyone in one office with room to grow

  • Better production workflow, increased welding bays, a dedicated polishing/fettling area, nearly double the number of racks for storage, and importantly, room for more machines

  • Minimising our environmental footprint with the installation of LED lighting, new advanced ERP system and energy efficient 11,000lt³ gas storage cylinder; reduced carbon footprint

  • The new factory is a major step towards doubling capacity, including a hiring and training program over the course of 2019

The new factory is 2 miles from our current site, on the Trinity Trading Estate in Sittingbourne.  Our phone numbers and email address are not changing.  All customer, suppliers and other stakeholders have been notified and reassured that there will be minimal disruption.  Nearer to the move date we will send additional announcements tailored to customers (impacts on deliveries and production capacity in late January, where to collect), suppliers (where to deliver goods), and other stakeholders.  If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

As well as the hard work of our staff, Mark Knowlton from KPS Consulting has provided us with fantastic support in planning the move. 

Mark says "Having embarked on a clear path to grow turnover year on year, the team at Contracts Engineering Ltd have in recent years optimised their operational processes and also extended their current manufacturing footprint to its absolute limits.  The factory move has been many months in the planning and has, in one way or another involved the entire workforce.  All credit must go to the CEL team for their tremendous hard work and attention to detail ahead of the move.  This new facility has the potential to be a real centre of excellence for metal fabrication and engineering in Kent, I wish them continued success as they embark on the next chapter of their business growth journey."