Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The Parliamentary Review

Contracts Engineering Ltd. is honoured to be included in this year's Parliamentary Review.  The Parliamentary Review is a series of independent publications, which aims to share best practice among policy makers and business leaders.

Each of its editions focuses on a key government policy area, with a variety of organisations sharing personal insight alongside caabinet ministers, government agencies, associations and trade bodies.  More than 35,000 leading policymakers, including Peers, CEOs, Factory Directors and leading figures in the Engineeinring and Manufacturing industry will be sent the document.  Contracts Engineering Ltd. represented the Metals, Materials and Fabrication category.  To read the article on Contracts Engineering, please click here.

Catherine Barratt, Director of Contracts Engineering Ltd said "We were delighted to be selected to represent our industry as an example of best in class and we share this accolade with our team of highly skilled, engaged and motivated employees.  Over the past six years, we have invested significantly in the turnaround and growth of Contracts Engineering.  Through the purchase of new state of the art machinery, forward thinking implementation of technology and a focus on customer service and satisfaction we have grown the business three fold and are looking forward to exciting opportunities in the near future."  

The Parliamentary Review is a series of independent British publications which includes political commentary from journalists, secretaries of state, ministers and MPs.  It aims to share best practice amongst policymakers and business leaders, consisting of discussion from award-winning journalists and business leaders. About the Parliamentary Review.