Qimtek interview Troy Barratt to discuss trends in Reshoring

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Qimtek, the UK’s leading online sourcing platform, interviewed Troy Barratt, our MD, to discuss trends in reshoring and what sets us apart from other subcontract manufacturers.

Please take a few minutes to watch some or all of the segments. Here are a few key takeaways:

CEL is uniquely positioned as one on of the only subcontract steelwork companies in the UK that focuses exclusively on manufacturing other companies’ products.

We invest heavily in our team, systems and equipment so that we can remain a leader and scale into being one of the largest subcontract manufacturers in the UK.

While most of our growth is currently coming from UK-based opportunities, we are seeing a rapid increase in discussions that involve reshoring manufacturing.

Rising prices and headaches from shipping and importing are bringing manufacturing back to the UK, and we think this trend will be the biggest driver of our growth for over the next decade

You can watch the video clips by following the links below:

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