Troy Barratt joins a Reshoring panel at the 2021 National SubCon Expo in Birmingham

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

The panel covered a range of topics around industrial supply chain trends around reshoring and nearshoring. Troy spoke about three key trends:

  1. COVID and its fallout has added friction to moving things around the world and all signs point to some friction eventually ending, though some will certainly remain.

  2. Climate change and the action governments are taking to address and mitigate will lead to a price on Co2 emissions. The levy will impact both long haulage and high polluting countries that have the unfair advantage, compared to manufacturing companies paying for cleaner energy and the Green Transition.

  3. Industrial automation reduces labour input per part made. Going forward it's more and more about capital investment in smart machines and software, and well trained workforces than it is about low paid, unskilled labour.

We want to thank SubCon expo for giving us a platform to talk about these key trends to its thousands of attendees.

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